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Gold Buyer

Do you have gold jewelry lying around that you never wear? You might be sitting on a treasure trove and not even know it! Maybe you even have an old gold engagement ring or silver earrings left in a jewelry box. Here at Treasure Island Stamps & Coins we will purchase your old fine jewelry from you.

It’s now easier than ever to sell gold and get a decent amount of money for your pieces. If you are looking to make some extra cash, come down to our coin shop and ask us about our cash for gold services. We guarantee that we will give you a fair price -- we are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.

Here at Treasure Island Stamps & Coins in Palo Alto, CA, buying gold and silver coins are our task. So call us today if you are interested in our gold and coin buying service. In addition to gold buying, we are a coin dealer and also sell stamps well. Visit or call Treasure Island Stamps & Coins in Palo Alto, CA at (650) 855-9905 now!